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We want to help you understand your skin, so that you know what’s going on with it, what to put on it, and how to care for it. Sciency stuff that answers so many of your skin questions, written in a clear and simple way. Penned by our founder, Ee Ting Ng.

Cleansing FAQs

31 October, 2017

Cleansing FAQs

Today we'll answer some frequently asked questions on cleansing. Let's go!

Are all foaming cleansers drying?

Generally the higher its degree of foaming, the stronger the surfactant's cleansing power. Thus, it is easy for foaming cleansers to be harsh due to their stronger cleansing ability. However, it is entirely possible to formulate a non-drying frothy cleanser if it has skin protective ingredients!

Are non-foaming cleansers better for sensitive skin?

Although non-foaming cleansers themselves are mild, many of them require hot water and cloth to be completely removed. Regular exposure to high water temperatures and abrasion (from cloth) is not ideal for any skin! Look for those that rinse off completely on their own.

Do I need a cleansing tool to keep skin clean and clear?

Cleansing tools are not essential for clear skin. With the right product and cleansing technique, you don't need gadgets to achieve a really good clean. If your skin is reactive/sensitive or have active breakouts, it is best to avoid them as the vibration can irritate and worsen inflammation.

Do cleansers with more actives perform better?

Cleansers should clean effectively and quickly to minimise disruption of skin's natural oils. If we leave a cleanser on the skin for extended times to allow the actives to work, we increase the chance of its surfactants disrupting our skin barrier. Actives are more beneficial in leave-on products instead.

Should I double-cleanse?

The more important question is are you cleansing your face properly? A full minute of thorough cleansing is usually enough for those wearing minimal to moderate amount of makeup daily. If you use quite a lot of waterproof products, you might need two.

Each time you cleanse, some of your natural oils also gets removed with the unwanted oils. So, make each cleanse count!

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