1. What is the difference between The Complete Regime and The Perfect Pair?

    The Complete Regime and The Perfect Pair are both customised regimes. They make up your whole day/night routines. Every single product in both regimes are bespoke formulations, and each product is an active part of your treatment.

    The Perfect Pair consists of 2 products – The Foam Party (face cleanser) and The Steady (advanced face moisturiser). This regime is great for those mainly concerned with reducing skin reactivity, sensitivity or breakouts.

    The Complete Regime consists of 3 products – The Foam Party (cleanser), The Smooth Operator (exfoliant) and either The Brilliant or The Makeover (advanced face moisturiser), is our most comprehensive solution that treats a variety of concerns in the quickest manner.

    If your goal is to calm persistent sensitivity, The Perfect Pair is a great introduction. You can choose to upgrade to The Complete Regime anytime.

    If you are already using The Complete Regime, you have our most comprehensive regime. Stick to that!

  2. What is the difference between The Steady, The Brilliant and The Makeover?

    All 3 advanced face moisturisers treat + moisturise simultaneously, eliminating the need for layering additional products such as oils/serums/essences etc. They are bespoke, which means that they will be specifically formulated to suit every individual’s skin.

    Their difference lies in the type and number of conditions they treat.

    The Steady is specifically for calming and stabilising persistent reactivity.

    The Brilliant and The Makeover both treat multiple concerns, including but not limited to calming and stabilising. The Makeover is the supercharged to deliver intensive anti-ageing benefits such as reducing deep lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity and firmness and rejuvenate overall skin tone.

  3. I have never shopped with hop & cotton before. How do I place my first order?

    Welcome! Start by registering an account with us, and complete your Skin Test so we understand all about your skin.

    After submitting your skin test, we will send your recommendation. You will be able to purchase your products directly in our recommendation.

    Once you have placed an order, we will proceed with formulation and send you more details of your bespoke products. With your approval, we will start manufacturing promptly, to have them sent to you as soon as possible. You can read more about this in the hop & cotton experience.

    You can check the status of your order anytime by logging into your account.

  4. How do I make a repeat order of the same product and formulation?

    Welcome back! You do not need to retake your skin test to reorder the same product you have purchased before, or anything we have previously recommended. Log in to your account, and go to ‘My Orders/Reorder‘ tab. Under ‘My Recommended Formulas (Face)’ heading, add what you wish to order again to cart.

    After payment is complete, we will proceed with manufacturing and despatch your order as soon as possible!

    You can check the status of your order anytime by logging in to your account.

    Watch a quick video here!

  5. Why can I add some products to cart, but not others?

    All products that are bespoke cannot be purchased through ‘Our Products’ page.

    You need to complete The Skin test, after which we will send our recommendations. You can then purchase any of our recommendations directly when you log in.

    Products that you can ‘Add to Cart’ do not typically require bespoke formulation.

  6. What products can I buy without taking The Skin Test?

    Any product that you can directly ‘Add To Cart‘ can be purchased without taking The Skin Test, as they do not usually require bespoke formulation. They include The Skinshield, The Lipguard and hop & cotton Gift Card.

  7. Can I change the formulation of a product I purchased before for my next order?

    Absolutely! Log in and update your skin condition by taking a new Skin Test. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss before placing your next order.

  8. Why does it take up to 5 days for my order to be despatched?

    We do not have pre-made products ready for purchase and immediate shipment.

    We make every bespoke product from scratch as they are created just for you. Hence, time is required to formulatemanufacture and package.

  9. What If I haven’t received my order even if it says it has been shipped and is past its anticipated delivery date?

    Our courier partners will have the latest information, so please check the latest status of your order using the tracking details we sent you with the despatch of your order.

    If you are unable to get any information, please contact us.

  10. Do you provide samples? Why?

    We do not use any pre-made bases or stocks. As we custom-make every bespoke product from scratch, we are unable to provide samples. They are uniquely formulated and manufactured for you.

  11. What if I don't like my products?

    Your satisfaction with our products is of utmost importance to us. If you are having any problems or unhappy with your products in any way, please (we don’t bite!) contact us as soon as possible.

  12. Can I return a product?

    Delivering results is our priority. Please contact us before making the decision to return your product. Our returns and cancellation policy details more information.

    Should you decide to return your products, please contact us before sending it back. No store credits or refunds will be made for returns that have not been authorised by us.