The Lipguard

Lipbalm 15ml

$18.00 (AUD)

Product Description

Fast-acting repairing balm exceptional for alleviating severely dry, chapped lips and cuticles. Unique applicator prevents microbe build-up bacterial growth.

Formulated without fragrance, menthol, camphor, phenol and artificial flavours.

What Lipguard Does

  • Rehydrate and condition dry, chapped lips
  • Protect against environmental elements
  • Promotes lips’ natural repair
  • Breaks painful lip cracking /dryness cycle


Key Ingredients

  • Lanolin – medical grade; richly complex oil that closely resembles human skin lipids; its humectancy facilitates fast healing and repair of damaged lips
  • Castor oil – softening, tenacious plant oil providing barrier protection against elements
  • Beeswax – lubricates parched lips while imparting physical barrier

Those with uncharacteristically dry damaged lips (e.g on Roaccutane) please let us know – we will formulate a special version for you!


How to use

Apply as often as needed. For best results, apply a generous layer every night before bed.


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