We start with you

Your skin is as unique as your fingerprint. Instead of matching ready-made products to you, we first understand your skin then make your products.


Made from scratch

Every bespoke product is individually formulated then handmade from scratch. Your bespoke product is not an existing base product with added actives.


Attentive care start to finish

Everything contributes to your satisfaction. Great care is taken to provide the most relevant and practical recommendation for you following your skin test. We are conscientious with maintaining product integrity from design, manufacture to packaging.


We know skin globally

Our skin has both generic and specific qualities. Something great for brightening for one can cause inflammation in another. We are meticulous about the selection of every single ingredient to ensure complete compatibility for you.


Gentle effectiveness

Many people report radical improvements with our products despite having used similar things before, especially those with chronic conditions. How something is made is just as or more important than what it contains.



Made in Australia. Cruelty-free.


Welcome! My name is Ee Ting, founder of hop & cotton.

I had a difficult time with my skin from my late teens through twenties, because it was so sensitive and reactive. What I did not realise then, was that whatever I used, be it clinical, organic, clean etc. worsened things.

After countless treatments and products, which sometimes helped for a while but never for long, I started formulating for myself in 2012 before establishing hop & cotton in 2017, offering this bespoke service to everyone.

I have a diploma in cosmetic science, degree in molecular biology and chemistry, as well as accreditations in reflexology, somatic healing and reiki. I still learn where interest leads.

If there were one rule about skincare, it’s that it is never about any product or ingredient, but the compatibility of skin with product.

No two skins are alike and no one product, ingredient or system suit both equally.

The global understanding of skin’s universality and individuality, adept selection of every single ingredient and meticulous production from start to finish is how we deliver transformation for every skin.

It is my sincere wish for you to feel at home in your own skin, and my absolute delight to create the best skincare for you.

Thank you for trusting me with your skin.

Your hop & cotton experience

Our bespoke products are individually made from scratch. We first establish understanding of your skin and preferences, before we formulate and manufacture your products.

  • Step 1: Take The Skin Test

    Once you register an account with us, take The Skin Test.

    Feel free to be as detailed as you like. The more you tell us, the more information we have to create the most suitable products for you.

    Your formulator will respond with our assessment and recommendation, based on your current skin condition.

  • Step 2: Place Order

    Directly from your recommendation, select the products you wish to purchase and check out to make your order.

    Every bespoke product will be formulated and made specifically for your skin.

  • Step 3: Formulation

    Once your order is confirmed, we will start formulation!

  • Step 4: Review & Confirmation (Optional)

    When formulation is complete, you will receive the full list of ingredients for each product.

    Indicate (by a click!) that you are happy for us to proceed with manufacturing.

    If we do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, we will go ahead so your order gets to you asap.

  • Step 5: Manufacturing

    Upon confirmation, we will start product manufacturing!

  • Step 6: Despatch

    Your products are sent out to you; your order is complete!

    Our typical time taken from date of purchase to despatch is within 5 business days.

The 6-step process only applies to ordering new bespoke products that requires formulation work.

For repeat orders of bespoke products that have already been formulated for you, you do not need to take another skin test. You can purchase directly fromMy Recommended Products‘.

If you feel that your skin has changed, your products can also change to support you. Update us by taking a new skin test or speak with us directly! We’re here for you.