Why customised skincare?


Customised skincare is not special.

You are.


Have you ever eaten something you can hardly swallow, while your friend savours heartily?


Your skin is the same. It has unique likes and dislikes.

Except it communicates them silently and slowly.


So if your skincare isn’t right for you, you won’t know immediately.

But after some time, you’ll notice signs like redness, burning, dryness or acne – issues you never had before.

Then you’ll try every promising product/treatment/remedy after some or much researching.

They all have impressive hero ingredients or stories, except they don’t work.


If they did, the problem returns when you stop, like Roaccutane or antibiotics.

So you go back to trying more things, only to be disappointed and frustrated yet again.


What we’re not told, is how good a product is depends mostly on how our skin likes it, not what it is meant for or contains.


Imagine making yourself a glorious chocolate cake. Using Godiva alone is not enough.

You’ll need complementing flour, eggs, butter, sugar – everything else with magnificent chocolate.

The proportions must also be to your personal taste.


This is exactly the same with products.

Especially if your skin is sensitive, delicate with a peaches-and-cream complexion.

One person’s prescription can be another’s poison.


Every time you use something that isn’t right for you, your skin weakens. This means it gets more vulnerable to redness, acne and sensitivity.

The more serious these issues become, the harder they are to treat.


But it is never too late, because our skin’s nature is to regenerate.

When your entire skincare routine is in harmony with what your skin likes and needs, you stop interrupting your skin’s ability to heal.

Then miraculously, chronic problems you’ve had forever start to disappear. For good.


How does hop & cotton ensure this harmony of your products with your skin?

By purposefully, masterfully choosing every single ingredient that you use.

We also design every product in your routine to work together for one goal – health and beauty – which are not seperate.


The question now is, why not customised skincare?


Why not choose the
Global pioneer of customised skincare?


Made in Australia
- Since 2017 -

Our story

Welcome! My name is Ee Ting, founder of hop & cotton. I’ve been formulating for over 15 years.

I learnt the hard way that the most potent/natural (insert your favourite adjective) product can be disastrous if what it contains is not completely right for me.

Compatibility is important for every ingredient, not just hero ingredients most talked about.

Contrary to popular belief, ingredients cannot be rated in a definitive way as every skin responds to each ingredient differently.

More importantly, every product can be greater or less than the sum of its parts, depending on how it is formulated and made.

I have a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry, diploma in cosmetic science and accreditations in reiki, somatic and sound healing.

But for me, it is the people who have come to me with issues they couldn’t fix with conventional products/approaches that play the biggest role in my ongoing craft of making truly restorative solutions unique to the ecosystem of each skin-body.

Beyond skincare, hop & cotton is about recognising and embracing beauty in you and the world. Thank you for being here!

Your hop & cotton experience

Our bespoke products are individually made from scratch. First, we find out about your skin and preferences, before formulation and manufacturing your products.

  • Step 1: Take The Skin Test

    Once you register an account with us, take The Skin Test.

    Feel free to be as detailed as you like. The more you can tell us, the more information we have to create the most compatible products for you.

    Your formulator will respond with our assessment and recommendation, based on your current skin condition.

    If you prefer, we can go through your Skin Test via a phone call instead. Send us an email and we’ll organise that for you!

  • Step 2: Place Order

    Select the products you wish to purchase from your recommendation and check out to make your order.

    Every bespoke product will be formulated and made specifically for your skin.

  • Step 3: Formulation

    Once your order is confirmed, we will start formulation!

  • Step 4: Review & Confirmation (Optional)

    When formulation is complete, you will receive the full list of ingredients for each product.

    Indicate (by a click!) that you are happy for us to proceed with manufacturing.

    If we do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, we will go ahead so your order gets to you asap.

  • Step 5: Manufacturing

    Upon confirmation, we will start product manufacturing!

  • Step 6: Despatch

    When all your products are ready, your order will be sent out to you and its status is complete!

    Our typical time taken from date of purchase to despatch is within 5 business days.

The 6-step process only applies to ordering new bespoke products that requires formulation work.

For repeat orders of bespoke products that have already been formulated for you, you do not need to take another skin test. You can purchase directly fromMy Recommended Products‘.

If you feel that your skin has changed, your product formulations can also be changed. Update us by taking a new skin test or write to us us directly! We’re here for you.