Why customised skincare?


Customised skincare is not special.

You are.


Have you ever eaten something you can hardly swallow, while your friend savours heartily?


Your skin is the same. It has unique likes and dislikes.

Except it communicates them silently and slowly.


The longer we use products that are not right for us, the more our skin barrier weakens.

It becomes more vulnerable to issues such as redness, acne and sensitivity.


The good news is that our skin’s nature is to regenerate.

When we stop interrupting its ability to heal, chronic problems often miraculously disappear.

This is where we come in.


We create skincare to work in harmony with your unique skin qualities.

We also design your products to how you like them, so your daily experience is a delight!


We ensure every single ingredient is right for you, not just the hero ingredients.

Because even the smallest parts make the whole.


We’re also the global pioneer of customised skincare, with success stories from people all over the world.


We customise because we care!


Made in Australia
Since 2017

Meet your formulator

Hello! I’m Ee Ting, founder of hop & cotton.

I understand difficult, problematic skin very well because I’ve lived with it all my life.

I’ve also made many (painful and costly!) mistakes trying to fix them.

But I’m thankful for them all, because I learnt not just to formulate, but to create simple solutions for complex skins.

I have a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry, diploma in cosmetic science and accreditations in reiki, somatic and sound healing.

Yet for me, it’s people who’ve come to me with issues they couldn’t fix with conventional approaches that have taught me the most.

If you’re hiding because of how you feel about your skin, I’m glad we found each other.

You can feel safe in your skin again, and love how you feel about you.

3 steps to your custom-made skincare

5 days from order date to despatch.

  • 1: Take The Skin Test

    Start with The Skin Test. Your answers help us understand how to formulate your products.

    We will respond with your personalised recommendation.

    If you prefer to go through your Skin Test via a phone call, send us an email!

  • 2: Order your bespoke regime

    Purchase to order your recommendation bespoke regime.

    If you wish to review your product formulas before we make them, write a note during checkout or email us.

  • 3: Order despatch

    After order confirmation, we proceed to formulate, manufacture then send out your order with tracking details.

    Yes we send worldwide!


This 3-step process applies only to your first order.

For return customers or repeat orders, purchase directly fromMy Recommended Products‘. You do not need to take another skin test.

If you feel that your skin has changed, we’ll change your product accordingly. To let us know, simply write to us or a new skin test.