Your skin is as unique as you.

Every product is masterfully and carefully made for you from start to finish.

Cruelty-free. Made in Australia.

Your Best Self, Your Best Skin


Beauty Heals

Ee Ting is the founder of hop & cotton, born after a decade’s search of seeking a solution for her own skin without avail. With a background in molecular biology practised in cosmetic chemistry, she is a trusted formulator since 2013.

Her holistic understanding of skin, with adept selection of every ingredient in meticulous single-batch production has consistently delivered superlative care and regeneration for every skin.

Happy customers all over the world, once with chronic conditions including sensitivity and acne, now enjoy their best skin every day. Our unrepeatable process surpasses what the best ingredients and technology can do.

Your skin is a unique expression of you. True bespoke skincare is simply the best skincare you can use – designed and made precisely for you.

The hop & cotton experience

Our bespoke products are custom made, not ready made. We first establish a thorough understanding of your skin and preferences, before we formulate and manufacture your products.

  • Step One: Take The Skin Test

    Start by registering an account with us. Take The Skin Test – the more details you include, the more information we have to create the most suitable products for you.

    We will then send through our recommendations based on your skin condition.

  • Step Two: Order Completion

    To proceed with your order, select the products you wish to purchase directly from your recommendations and complete payment. Every bespoke product will be formulated specifically to suit your exact skin needs, based what you provided in your Skin Test.

  • Step Three: Formulation

    Once your order is confirmed, we will start formulation!

  • Step Four: Review & Confirmation

    When formulation is complete, you will receive a notification with the full list of ingredients for each product. Simply indicate you are happy for us to proceed with manufacturing.

    If we do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, we will go ahead so your order gets to you asap.

  • Step Five: Manufacturing

    With your confirmation, we will start manufacturing!

  • Step Six: Despatch

    Your completed order is sent out to you! The time taken from date of purchase to despatch is within 5 business days.

    Time for your order to reach you depends on its destination.

The 6-step process only applies to ordering new bespoke products that requires formulation work.

For repeat orders of bespoke products that have already been formulated for you, you do not need to do another skin test. You can purchase directly fromMy Recommended Products‘.

If your skin experiences any changes, update us by taking another skin test or speak with us directly! We’re here for you.