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Unfiltered skin stories and transformations

The products have given my skin such a beautiful change and gives me the confidence to go out without being so self-conscious about my blemishes.

Minnie K, Brisbane

I love it and I’m only day one.


Angela Marshall, Brisbane

After years of chronic bedsore, skin infection and thickened skin patches (in white), these images show the skin of a 91-year-old 16 days of using Minimalist.


SE, Singapore

I had the worst breakout last year and it was a very emotional period for me. Thankfully, a friend introduced H&C to me, and they journeyed with me through my toughest skin times.

Ee Ting is super personal and caring, and she always made me and my skin feel safe. It’s scary to look back at how my skin was before, but seeing its transformation and healing is also a huge testament to their products! I hope you would give them a shot to give you the confidence that I’d regained.  🙂

Z, Singapore

My skin was always flawless though my teen years, once I hit my early 20s my skin changed dramatically, I suffered with acne and blemishes for the past 8 years.

I began my skin care journey with hop & cotton two months ago, I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that the next eight weeks would change my life. Yes, it might sound like the biggest cliche, but it’s the honest truth and you will see this from my photos. I feel ‘normal’ again. I hardly even have to wear much make up, my daily routine consists of minimal concealer to cover a few scars and a light mineral powder. That’s it! My main goal throughout this journey was to clear up acne and those red spots that were all over my cheeks (have a look at my first photo) and that has now been accomplished.

Would I continue using hop & cotton? Absolutely. Yes, it is a financial commitment, but seeing how successful my journey has been so far, I wouldn’t risk the results by using any other brand as my hop & cotton products have been personally prescribed for my skin, which is what I’ve been searching for all this time. Thank you hop & cotton!

Anita Scuderi, Brisbane

I just wanted to thank you so much for the change in my skin.
Here are two photos from September and now – it’s amazing!!

Nina, Perth

I really feel a lot more confident with better skin – hop & cotton brought my skin back! Before I would pile on so much concealer and powder, but now it’s like #iwokeuplikethis.

Natasha, Singapore

Hard to look back and remember how bad it was actually!
Your products work, and your service is incredible.

Sabine, Perth

I have tried many solutions for my acne, using various well-established cosmetic brands, pharmacy brands and other natural products. These products were harsh, very drying on the skin and/or did not help.

After trying hop & cotton’s complete regime, my skin started to improve steadily. My skin has improved so much in under 6 months. I am definitely sticking to my regime!

Thank you! I’m so happy with the results and highly recommend it!

Clarice, Sydney

I ordered some products on a Tuesday afternoon and it had arrived by Friday that week, and mind you I live in a rural part of Victoria. I’ve only been using the products for less then a week and I can already see a difference in the healthiness of my skin. It looks so much more radiant and smooth.

I’ve tried so many products on my skin but the only thing that’s ever worked to clear my skin is when I took doxycycline tablets when I went to Timor Leste! But these products are even better then that, they actually hydrate my skin and leave it feeling smooth and fresh!

10/10 recommend everyone to try and see for themselves! Thank you so much, you are amazing!

Kaitlyn, Victoria

Absolutely in love, my skin is showing heaps of improvement, loving my skincare!!

Sharon Rogers, Victoria

I have suffered with cystic acne and sensitive skin my whole life. I have tried everything without success and so I was really hesitant to try something new again, but I was desperate.

Ee Ting listened to all my issues, gave me tips and tricks for my daily routine, and formulated my very own products based on my skin sensitivities. I have only been using the cleanser & moisturiser for 2 weeks however already my skin has cleared right up. The inflammation and infected acne spots have faded almost completely away and for the first time in so long I feel comfortable without any concealer or foundation to hide my complexion.

It’s amazing how clear skin has made me feel so much happier and more confident. Thanks Ee Ting, I’m so excited to see how my skin continues to improve

Vanessa, Brisbane

I’ve recently eliminated all other products from my routine and this trio has CHANGED my skin.

Hormonal breakouts, be gone! Leftover red marks, so long! Skin worries I’ve had for years were solved in 2 weeks. These products are completely personalised to your skin and formulated by hand to target your concerns.

Couldn’t be happier with the results!

Matilda, Adelaide

It’s been just over a month since I’ve been using your products and I am seeing a big difference.
My skin’s sebum production seems a lot more balanced – before, I’d get shiny and slick just a couple hours after washing my face, but now it takes seven to eight hours before I start feeling that way. My moisture barrier seems a lot healthier, too, and I’m not experiencing half as much flakiness with my breakouts as I did before. While I still struggle with hormonal breakouts, they seem to be healing up a lot faster!

Tori, Oklahoma

Charli’s skin is looking really good, the redness has gone and it just doesn’t look as ‘angry’.
Redness, extreme dryness all gone and not as many breakouts. She hasn’t worn makeup for weeks

Tanya, Western Australia

hop & cotton literally changed my skin!! So obsessed!

Ellen Robbins, Brisbane

I have been using my Hop & Cotton regime now for a month (Foam Party, The Smooth Operator & Makeover) and I am addicted!

The fact that it is a minimalist regime is a huge plus, especially when you are time poor and also great when you travel. I have in such a short time seen such an improvement in the condition and hydration levels of my skin, and even now go out with no makeup on the weekends. I have also had my friends and my beautician ask me what I have had done and what am I using on my skin as it looks great.

Ee Ting is also amazing to do business with, her knowledge and her quick turnaround with getting the products to me was fantastic!

Lisa, New South Wales

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying this is one of the best skin care systems I have ever used.

Jill Wright, Sunshine Coast

With so many skincare products on the market, finding your perfect products is a challenging task!

Bearing in mind that one product might be a miracle for some and mediocre for others, customised skincare just made sense to me! The products hop & cotton formulated for me, in accordance with my skin test answers, exceeded my high expectations. Being customised, I wasn’t surprised at how perfect my products were.

What did surprise me was the way hop & cotton made my problematic skin feel like a team effort. This support is what keeps me going back for more!

Tahlia Knowles, Brisbane

I have problematic, acne-prone skin at the best of times, but after using hop & cotton for just a few weeks, I noticed the difference straight away. My skin felt balanced, calm and glowy; and it even stopped producing so much oil.

Yeong Sassall, Sydney

I am loving my bespoke The Brilliant moisturiser. It’s so easy to use being a serum and a moisturiser in one. My skin also immediately looks healthier and refreshed and feels so nourished.

The added bonus? It’s been specifically tailor made for me.

Fiona Westerhout, Sydney

Tried the smooth operator and it’s by far one of the best exfoliator I’ve ever used!

Joanna, Singapore

I have tried many facial products to curb my skin issues. I found that hop & cotton is the most gentle on my skin. With its customisation functions and Ee Ting’s help, I have found what works best for my skin.

I am very satisfied with it and would recommend it to anyone.

Vera, Singapore

Great custom formulations that really suited my skin. Not too oily or too drying, and my skin was clearer and brighter after a few weeks.

Lin-Li, Singapore

One size doesn’t fit all, and being able to tailor my skincare to my complexion’s unique concerns has proven to be a huge asset.

Jamie-Lee Burns, Sydney

I used to suffer from extremely bad lip cheilitis as I was (unknowingly) allergic to one of the ingredients in a previous lip balm I was using. The skin on my lips was parched and also constantly peeled off in huge flakes revealing even drier lips below and/or blood. I was painfully embarrassed about my lip situation and using The Lipguard really cured me.

Trust me when I say this is a miracle product and the best balm that I have ever applied on my lips, cuticles or just random dry spots.

EH, Singapore

This gem is hands-down my favourite product in the hop & cotton staple!

Ee Ting formulated this product for me after I complained of dull and grey skin and I have never looked back. My complexion has become brighter and livelier, thank you so much! Like all other hop & cotton products, the efficacy and texture of this moisturizer is simply top-notch. My skin absorbs it very quickly and I have no issues with my face looking or feeling greasy. I have combination oily skin and spend a lot of time in air-conditioned environments and this phenomenal product prevents my skin from dehydrating, keeps dry patches from being dry and oily patches from being oily.

My love for the brilliant will never end!

EH, Singapore

My skin texture has never been better – my pores are finer and my blackheads are slowly but surely vanishing. This product is stealthily magical.

EH, Singapore

I love this cleanser! It’s foams beautifully into a soft lather and it leaves my skin feeling very clean and very supple. I’ve used this product for 3 years (and counting!) and I’ve never experienced any tightness or irritation – definitely the peachiest party in town!

EH, Singapore

The Minimalist is my body moisturizer of choice from the lot! I especially love using this in countries with drier climates. Incredibly moisturizing and so easy to work into the skin with none of that lingering greasy/oily texture.

EH, Singapore

My own personal life-saver!

My skin is very oily and by the end of the day I used to feel like I had dipped my face in a fryer! But after a one-on-one consult, hop & cotton came up with a customised moisturiser that leaves my skin with a smooth, matte, long-lasting finish.

Jess, Brisbane

Love, love, love this product! Finally, something that has cleared up my problem areas and now I rarely suffer from break-outs. Definitely an essential in my skin care regime.

Jess, Brisbane

I just love this cleanser. My face feels so soft and CLEAN after using it, without feeling dry afterwards.

Jess, Brisbane

Beautiful products – everything I have tried has been amazing on my skin, especially The Smooth Operator. The lip balm is divine also. The Team were responsive and helpful.

Would highly recommend these products! Thank you!!!

Sarah, Brisbane

I really really really love this hop & cotton product. It is truly my all-time favourite lip balm!

I love how the lipguard makes use of entirely natural ingredients, especially since I apply lip balm to my dry lips almost every hour every day! I also love the fact that it moisturises my dry lips but at the same time does not leave behind any oily residual after-taste on my lips. I would definitely recommend this product and have actually been recommending it to my friends!

Don’t think I can go back to using any of my previous lip balms having used the Lipguard.

Charlene S, Singapore


I developed very dry, cracked and sensitive lips and tried EVERY type of balm. I even went to the doctor. One week of using The Lipguard and problem solved! I love this product and will be buying it forever.

Laura, Brisbane

This is the best! I feel my skin is brighter and better all over and if possible more of an even complexion. No sensitivity issues either. Very happy with this product.

Laura, Brisbane

Best cleanser I have ever used. No sensitivity or feeling over-dried after cleansing.

Laura, Brisbane