The Brilliant

Advanced face moisturiser 40ml, 90ml

$168.00$336.00 (AUD)

Product Description

The Brilliant completes your routine as an advanced face moisturiser, addressing multiple concerns while delivering precise moisturisation through stable antioxidants, potent peptides and skin-balancing emollients. Formulated without alcohol and artificial colours.

Every Brilliant is your all-in-one treatment, functioning as your:

  • Serum / Bespoke actives chosen specifically to target multiple skin concerns
  • Face moisturiser / Bespoke blend of emollients and humectants providing optimal moisture for your skin
  • Eye Cream / Entire formula effective and safe for delicate eye area

Every single Brilliant will be bespoke and custom formulated to suit your skin and preferred texture from water-light to heavy.

The Brilliant can be formulated specifically for you to

  • Prevent first signs of ageing by protecting against free radical damage
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation from age spots to scarring
  • Reduce and prevent and fine lines
  • Strengthen and enhance skin barrier function
  • Calm and soothe, reduce inflammation and redness
  • Even out skin tone, impart radiance
  • Perfectly hydrate and moisturise

Which advanced face moisturiser is for me?
See our FAQ.

Ingredients we may use in your custom formulated Brilliant

These are examples of ingredients we use. A full list of ingredients will be provided to you after your product formulation is completed.

Neoclair ProTM
– Biomimetic peptide; Brightens complexion, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, fades scarring and hyperpigmentation; Prevents fine lines and pre-mature ageing

Niacinamide (vitamin B3)
– Calming, anti-inflammatory, prevents surfacing of hyperpigmentation, improves fine lines, strengthens skin barrier

Jojoba oil (plant oil)
– Resembles human sebum, excellent in preventing water loss from skin surface


Directions for use

Use twice a day, morning and night after cleansing.

Dispense a pea-sized amount and spread product between palms. Gently press into face and neck. Safe to use around eyes. In the day, following up with broad spectrum (UVA + UVB) sun protection is recommended.

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