The Skin Journal

Using All The Acids But Still Breaking Out?

14 August 2020

I’m not talking about the basic acids AHA, BHA. I’m talking maximum strength niacinamide, zinc, azelaic acid, benzoyl

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Ace of Base – The Power of Complete Customisation II

2 November 2019

Products are made out of actives and functionals. Although actives get all the attention, functional ingredients largely affects

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Ace of Base – The Power of Complete Customisation I

1 November 2019

Customisation has become quite a trend in retail and is also taking a firm hold in the beauty

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Through thick & thin III: Why different product textures exist

13 January 2019

Recap: Thickeners (or rheology modifiers) give products their thickness. Combining different types and amounts results in products of

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Through thick & thin II: What gives products consistency?

11 January 2019

Recap: Product thickness does not reflect effectiveness.   What actually contributes to the thickness of a product? They

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Through thick & thin I: Are thicker products better?

10 January 2019

Premium skincare products are often portrayed as thick and lavish. These physical characteristics therefore become psychologically associated with

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Getting serious with serums

9 January 2019

Serums are misunderstood. They are made out to be high-performance products, must-haves for anyone serious about skin care.

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Physical vs Chemical Sunscreens

2 July 2018

Sunscreens protect us from UV radiation, the biggest contributor to premature skin ageing. As mentioned previously, sun filters

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The Making of A Lip Balm

17 June 2018

The skin on our lips is different from the rest of our face. If you are chronically chapped,

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Lowdown on Lips

16 June 2018

Lips are easily the most neglected part of our face. Although they look nothing like facial skin, they

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