The Skin Journal

Healing from Wholeness ~ Part 1 ~ Skin Health & Disease


In a recent dermatitis episiode, something that hasn’t happened for a long time, I was reminded of the

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The Science of Healing


I’ve been offering many healing transmissions on BLOOM. What exactly is a transmission, and how does it help

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3 ways to supercharge your skincare now


So you’re already consistently using what’s best (most compatible) for you, eating/sleeping/life-styling well, but still not happy with

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Reactivating Your Skin Intelligence


Do we really need day and night creams? Why or why not? On our 2nd episode on BLOOM

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BLOOM by hopandcotton Premiere


We’re so excited to present BLOOM by hop & cotton, bridging the physical principles of skin science with

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How to Live Foundation-Free


There is so much to love about foundation! Nothing else changes the way skin looks as quickly and

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Neoclair Pro┬« – Biomimetic antioxidant amplifier


How would you like to brighten skin tone, supercharge skin with antioxidants and avoid premature ageing? Yes please!

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The Skinshield


You know you should be using sunscreen daily. But you don’t, because you cannot find one that doesn’t

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Interview with a cosmetic research scientist


Have you wondered who are the actual brains behind a breakthrough ingredient? They are cosmetic materials research scientists,

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