The Skin Journal

Best Acne Treatment You Have Not Tried


I’d like to share what I’ve found to be the most effective treatment for any form of congestion,

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3 ways to supercharge your skincare now


So you’re already consistently using what’s best (most compatible) for you, eating/sleeping/life-styling well, but still not happy with

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Are you deep-cleaning or over-cleaning?


If getting rid of blackheads, pimples and oiliness are at the top of your skin list, I’m certain

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Cleansing FAQs


Today we’ll answer some frequently asked questions on cleansing. Let’s go!   Are all foaming cleansers drying? Generally

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The Making of a Cleanser


The purpose of a cleanser and how it works is rather simple. But formulating one is not. It

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Beauty Breakdown – Cleanse


Cleansers exist in diverse forms – gels, creams, oils, balms and even waters. Despite their apparent differences, have

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The Best Kept Skin Secret


Psst..! I’m going to spill the best kept skin secret. No, it’s not an exotic flower that only

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The Foam Party – all skins invited!


Hi beauty bunnies! We’d like to talk to you about The Foam Party, our facial cleanser. We thought

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