The Skin Journal

How to get rid of winter skin

1 August 2019

Spring is almost here! But it seems your skin still stuck in the thick of winter mode –

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Through thick & thin III: Why different product textures exist

13 January 2019

Recap: Thickeners (or rheology modifiers) give products their thickness. Combining different types and amounts results in products of

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Through thick & thin I: Are thicker products better?

10 January 2019

Premium skincare products are often portrayed as thick and lavish. These physical characteristics therefore become psychologically associated with

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Moisturising FAQs

16 June 2018

Why do moisturisers break me out? Are hyaluronic acid products the best at hydration? Today we’re answering everything

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The Making of A Moisturiser

15 June 2018

Moisturisation is achieved through humectants and emollients. Thus, they play a big role in how well moisturisers perform.

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Beauty Breakdown – Moisturise

14 June 2018

Why is moisturising essential? Because moisturisation increases water content, making it imperative for all skins types, even the

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How to manage dry and acne-prone skin II

14 February 2018

If you are dry and blemish-prone, most acne-fighting products you’ve tried probably didn’t work well. This is not

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Focus & Fixes – Oiliness

5 January 2018

Away from dehydration and dryness, today we discuss oiliness. Why am I so shiny? Oily is a skin

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Focus & Fixes – Dryness

4 January 2018

From dehydration, we’re moving on to dryness. Causes of dry skin Dryness is a skin type, caused by

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Focus & Fixes – Dehydration

3 January 2018

Happy 2018! We’re starting the year with our Focus & Fixes series, highlighting achievable and effective daily routine

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