The Skin Journal

Transition into fall without changing skincare


Fall skincare is awkward. It’s not that dry yet not hot as anymore. Your skin feels noticeably drier,

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The unexpected cause of adult acne


Are experiencing stubborn adult acne, scaliness or even eczema? And you’ve tried everything – facials/creams/secret Nordic remedies. Perhaps

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Liquid Light Drops!


I’m delighted to present Liquid Light Drops, our 2023 season special! It’s not a new product but a

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Why nothing seems to work!


Is your skin prone to both break outs and sensitivity? Tried many different brands, only to return to

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Best Acne Treatment You Have Not Tried


I’d like to share what I’ve found to be the most effective treatment for any form of congestion,

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3 ways to supercharge your skincare now


So you’re already consistently using what’s best (most compatible) for you, eating/sleeping/life-styling well, but still not happy with

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Using All The Acids But Still Breaking Out?


I’m not just referring to the average glycolic nor salicylic acid. I mean maximum strength niacinamide, zinc, azelaic

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How to Live Foundation-Free


There is so much to love about foundation! Nothing else changes the way skin looks as quickly and

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Are you deep-cleaning or over-cleaning?


If getting rid of blackheads, pimples and oiliness are at the top of your skin list, I’m certain

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Exfoliation FAQs


Today we’ll go through some commonly asked questions on chemical exfoliation. Should I be using AHA or BHA?

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