The Skin Journal

Focus & Fixes – Oiliness

5 January 2018

Away from dehydration and dryness, today we discuss oiliness. Why am I so shiny? Oily is a skin

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Does non-comedogenic mean no breakouts?

10 December 2017

Ever broken out from a non-comedogenic product before? By their very definition, they are technically not supposed to

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Overcoming Acne 3: How to maintain clear skin

3 November 2017

Now that you have finally gotten rid of your acne from what we’ve learnt in Part 1 and Part

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Overcoming Acne 2: How to treat acne

2 November 2017

In Part 1 of this series, we have learnt that the cause of acne for one person may

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Overcoming Acne 1: Why we get acne

1 November 2017

Acne might be a skin disorder, but it causes more than superficial damage. Other than the obvious, it

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The Smooth Operator – Your skin’s BFF

5 September 2017

Product spotlight time! This is our skin-transforming superstar The Smooth Operator. From the very first use, you will notice

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