The Skin Journal

Focus & Fixes – Sensitivity & Reactivity


Sensitive skin reacts to easily various triggers. These reactions often appear as redness, breakouts, blisters and rashes. Why

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Focus & Fixes – Dermatitis/Eczema


Dermatitis (or eczema) is a condition that is near impossible to cure, but not hard to control.  

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Focus & Fixes – Aging


We can’t avoid ageing, but we can delay it. Here’s the 101.   Structure to function changes Ageing

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Focus & Fixes – Acne Scarring


After the worst of acne is over, the next challenge is eliminating scars. Pits and PIH Post-acne scarring

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Focus & Fixes – Acne


Well past your teens, but still struggling with spots? This SOS is for you. Why am I still

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Focus & Fixes – Blackheads & Clogged pores


Congestion can affect any skin type, from the oiliest to the driest. What causes congestion? Congestion occurs when

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Focus & Fixes – Visible pores


Enlarged pores can happen in both the adolescent and the aged. Causes of enlarged pores Pore size is

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Focus & Fixes – Oiliness


Away from dehydration and dryness, today we discuss oiliness. Why am I so shiny? Oily is a skin

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Focus & Fixes – Dryness


From dehydration, we’re moving on to dryness. Causes of dry skin Dryness is a skin type, caused by

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Focus & Fixes – Dehydration


Happy 2018! We’re starting the year with our Focus & Fixes series, highlighting achievable and effective daily routine

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