The Retreat

Face Mask 40ml

$48.00 (AUD)

Product Description

Our best-selling face mask inducing regeneration through relaxation.

2 versions – Regular and Sensitive, with Royal Hojari. Limited quantity.

Relaxation Heals

Regeneration is an inside job, orchestrated by the body. It happens optimally only when the body sufficiently relaxed. Why?

When our attention is fully drawn outwards, the body registers this as stress and runs on survival mode to keep us alive. Restoration is not a priority.

When we relax, or withdraw our senses from the external environment, our body switches to repair mode. Full repair and healing now occurs.

Relaxing happens naturally when stress is eliminated. Sounds simple, yet not easy, as most of us are highly wired mentally. This means our bodies are on stress mode by default, leaving little opportunity for repair.

The good news is, we can coax our active mind to relax through the body, which is where The Retreat comes in!

Features & Benefits (All versions)

Induces deep relaxation to facilitate regeneration, with rare Royal Hojari Frankincense and barrier strengthening ingredients.

The Retreat is designed not just to work with the skin, but re-train neurological and physiological patterns.

  • Increased barrier strength against environmental elements
  • Radiance with increased hydration and skin’s water-retention ability
  • Lifts mood; relaxes body and mind
  • Free from alcohol, acnegenic oils, waxes and occlusives

2 Versions Available

The Retreat now comes in 2 versions – Regular (with magnesium) and Sensitive (without magnesium).

Magnesium is a wonderful transdermal muscle relaxant. This same property can also cause thin sensitive skins to feel smarting or sharp tingling.

Regular version may cause slight tingling. If in doubt, choose Sensitive version.

Key Ingredients

Royal Green Hojari *limited*

  • Essence distilled from rare premium handpicked green resin from Boswellia Sacra tree
  • Warm earthiness with fresh citrus sweetness induces deep relaxation


  • Stimulates production of skin’s barrier components – NMF and ceramides
  • Increases skin’s production of hyaluronic acid

Magnesium (from Zechstein Sea)*

  • Transdermal action supports muscle relaxation

* Magnesium is included in Regular version, excluded in Sensitive version.

How to use The Retreat

To freshly cleansed face with warm water, apply an even generous layer of The Retreat all over skin, avoiding eye area. Relax for 15-30 minutes.

Wash off, finish with advanced face moisturiser (Brilliant, Makeover, Steady).

Within this duration, rest your attention in your body. Music (without lyrics) helps with inward focus. If you feel in need of healing, may this support you.


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