The Retreat

Face Mask 40ml Limited Release

$30.00 (USD)

Product Description

The Retreat is a limited release face mask. It helps activate the ultimate barrier repairer – your body – through relaxation.

The Retreat comes with music by Yellow Brick Cinema, to bring you to your inner calm.

Available until 30 June 2020.

Why Relax?

Skin regeneration is one of the many intrinsic programs orchestrated by our body. However, this only happens when the body is relaxed.

In stress, our body is in survival mode. Heart rate and blood pressure increases, and oxygen goes to the vital organs. When we relax, our rested body activates skin repair, along with improved immune response and digestion.

We do not need to do anything to relax – it happens naturally when stress is eliminated. This sounds simple! But destressing is not easy because most of our stress is mentally-induced. But we can get around the mind externally to induce relaxation, which is where The Retreat comes in.

Key Ingredients

The Retreat is strategically formulated with a blend of topical and transdermal ingredients.

Magnesium (from Zechstein Sea)

  • Boosts mood and rest via increased seretonin and melatonin levels
  • Encourages toxin elimination from body


  • Natural sugar-derived complex stimulating production of skin’s barrier protective components – NMF and ceramides
  • Increases skin’s production of hyaluronic acid


  • Rare concentrate from the precious blossoms of Osmanthus fragrans
  • Natural scent induces fast relaxation of the body and mind


Product Features & Benefits

  • Resistance against environmental stressors and irritants with enhanced barrier function
  • Radiance and smoothness with increased hydration and water-retention ability of skin
  • Transdermal magnesium elevates mood and relaxes body
  • Exquisite sweet aroma of Osmanthus absolute help relaxes mind
  • Free from oils, waxes and acnegenic occlusives
  • Cooling, light gel cream
  • Suitable for all skin types and ages

How to use The Retreat

Use once or up to three times a week. To freshly cleansed face, take a warm towel and place over face for a couple of minutes before removing towel. This raises the temperature of your skin, allowing for enhanced magnesium absorption.

Apply an even generous layer of The Retreat all over skin, avoiding eye area.

Sit comfortably. Take 3 deep long breaths. Chill for up to 30 minutes. Tune into a serene creation from Yellow Brick Cinema that comes as a digital mp3 with every order. Use headphones for maximum bliss!

Wash off mask thoroughly. Finish with your advanced face moisturiser.

Product may cause slight tingling initially, due to the action of transdermal magnesium. This is especially so in magnesium-deficient individuals, which are most of us! The extent of tingling will reduce with regular application.



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