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All hop & cotton products are proudly cruelty free and made in Australia.
They are formulated without sulphates, parabens and artificial colours.
We recommend fragrance-free products.
Our face products are listed according to function. They will be formulated specially for you.

hop & cotton's face care routine is simple but complete:
Morning: Cleanse, Moisturise
Night: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise
Our body products are listed according to function. They will be formulated specially for you.

  • The Lipguard

    Lipbalm 15ml

    $18.00 (AUD)

    Product Description

    Exceptional balm for severely dry lips
    New upgrade to a smooth oil-gel formula.


    • Relieves and conditions the driest of lips
    • Provides protective barrier against environmental elements
    • Promotes lips' natural repair
    • Stops never-ending cracking / dryness cycle
    • Excellent for cuticles and any stubborn dry areas
    • Lip applicator resists microbe build-up, impeding unwanted bacterial growth
    • Free from fragrance, menthol, camphor, phenol and flavours

    Key Ingredients

    Lanolin (emollient)
    - moisturising and restorative with humectant properties; medical grade free from impurities and odour

    Castor oil (plant oil)
    - softening and conditioning

    Beeswax (occlusive)
    - barrier-protective and moisture-retaining

    Directions for use

    Apply as often as needed. For best results, apply a generous layer every night before bed.

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