The Foam Party

Face cleanser 90ml

$58.00 (AUD)

Product Description

Gentle clarifying cleanser that is always just right. Bespoke formula ensures it is never drying nor not cleansing enough.

Soap-free. Skin-friendly pH that rinses off completely.

Custom formulated to suit your specific skin needs and texture preference between a creamy lather or non-foaming gel. 

What Foam Party does

  • Gentle thorough cleanse without stripping or drying skin
  • Remove makeup and impurities
  • Maintain skin clarity and softness
  • Improve skin’s moisture-retaining ability

Bespoke Formula & Ingredients

Your Foam Party is a unique formulation of carefully selected active and functional ingredients for full compatibility with your skin.

Below are examples of ingredients we may use. A full list will be provided after your product formulation is completed.

Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate
Gentle surfactant of supremely mild cleansing ability

Sucrose cocoate 
Emollient protective against stripping of skin’s natural oils

Direction for use

Use day and night, as the first step of your regime.

Wet face and hands. Dispense and spread product between palms to form a soft lather. Cleanse using gentle, circular motions for 1 minute. Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of cool to lukewarm water. Pat face dry. Following up with a toner is not necessary.

If removing heavy makeup, perform double cleanse. First cleanse – spread a pea size amount evenly to damp cotton pads before applying on dry face. Clean using gentle wiping motion. Second cleanse – usual cleanse as stated above.

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