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Beauty Breakdown – Moisturise

14 June 2018

Why is moisturising essential? Because moisturisation increases water content, making it imperative for all skins types, even the

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Exfoliation FAQs

13 June 2018

Today we’ll go through some commonly asked questions on chemical exfoliation. Should I be using AHA or BHA?

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The Making of An Exfoliant

11 June 2018

The multiple benefits of acids have made chemical exfoliants very popular. What affects how well they perform? The

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Beauty Breakdown – Exfoliate

10 June 2018

Want to know the quickest way to better-looking skin? Exfoliate!   What is exfoliation Exfoliation removes the outermost

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Cleansing FAQs

4 June 2018

Today we’ll answer some frequently asked questions on cleansing. Let’s go!   Are all foaming cleansers drying? Generally

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The Making of a Cleanser

3 June 2018

The purpose of a cleanser and how it works is rather simple. But formulating one is not. It

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Beauty Breakdown – Cleanse

1 June 2018

Cleansers exist in diverse forms – gels, creams, oils, balms and even waters. Despite their apparent differences, have

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When the best face oil is not enough

8 April 2018

Face oils are said to be the ultimate weapon against parched skin. Some also claim that a face oil

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Why am I breaking out with my new products?

17 February 2018

After much research and consideration, you finally decide on trying out that new skincare routine. But one week

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Spotlight on hyperpigmentation – Lightening actives with Proven Efficacies

16 February 2018

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common skin concerns across all ages and ethnicities. As a result, skin

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