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All hop & cotton products are proudly cruelty free and made in Australia.
They are formulated without sulphates, parabens and artificial colours.
We recommend fragrance-free products.
Our face products are listed according to function. They will be formulated specially for you.

hop & cotton's face care routine is simple but complete:
Morning: Cleanse, Moisturise
Night: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise
Our body products are listed according to function. They will be formulated specially for you.

  • The Foam Party

    Face cleanser 90ml

    $58.00 (AUD)

    Product Description

    Face cleanser that cleans superbly but gently. A cleanser + toner in one.

    Formulated to your preferred:

    • texture of foaming or non-foaming
    Every single Foam Party will be custom formulated to suit your individual skin.

    Benefits of your custom formulated Foam Party

    • Effective in removing unwanted oil residues and makeup
    • Non-stripping or drying
    • Hydrating
    • Washes off completely
    • Creates a clean canvas for all subsequent products to work optimally
    • Essential in maintaining clear skin
    • Formulated without sulphates, fragrance or artificial colors
    • pH balanced; at skin-friendly pH of 4.6 - 5.3

    Ingredients we may use in your custom formulated Foam Party

    These are examples of ingredients we use. A full list of ingredients will be provided to you after your product formulation is completed.

    Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate (surfactant)
    - cleanses excellently with extreme mildness

    Glycerin (humectant)
    - attracts moisture and directly increases water levels of skin

    Sucrose cocoate (emollient)
    - protect against stripping of skin's natural oils

    Direction for use

    Use twice a day, morning and night, as the first step of your facial care routine. Cleanse using gentle, circular motions then rinse off thoroughly. Pat face dry. Following up with a toner is not necessary.

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