The Bronze Glow

Face Moisturiser 90ml

$128.00 (AUD)

Product Description

The Bronze Glow is a face moisturiser that gradually enhances your natural tan, without sun exposure. It is suitable for all skins, formulated without fragrance, alcohol or dyes.

It is a skincare product, not makeup or self-tanner i.e. no glitter/colour pigments/DHA/erythrulose.

The Bronze Glow is formulated to

  • Enhance your natural skin colour*
  • Protect against sun damage; soothing/anti-inflammatory
  • Provide oil-free moisturisation with a light texture
  • Be safe for the delicate eye area

*The extent of the deepening of your skin tone depends on how well you naturally tan under sun exposure.


Directions for Use

The Bronze Glow should be used twice daily (day and night) after cleansing, as your face moisturiser. For best results, do not layer any product underneath. In 8 to 14 days, your skin colour will take on a natural sun-kissed shade. It can be used for as long as you wish to maintain this enhanced skin tone.

The Bronze Glow is not a bespoke formula. If you wish to incorporate this natural tan enhancer into your advanced face moisturiser, just contact us!

Ready to glow?

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