Liquid Light Drops

Luminance Concentrate 30ml, 100ml

$33.00$111.00 (AUD)

Product Description

Liquid essence for crystalline luminosity. For all skins.

Supports, promotes and restores multi-dimensional skin health and beauty. Refreshing fluid free from oil, alcohol, thickeners.

  • Imparts radiance and luminosity
  • Delivers hydration by increasing and sustaining water through all skin layers
  • Restores natural barrier function
  • Calms & reduces inflammation
  • Restores natural sebum level & microbiome
  • Antioxidation protection


Can be used alone or under your advanced face moisturiser.

Liquid Light Drops is Liquid Light housed in a 30ml/100ml glass dropper bottle as a season special.

If you’re using our bespoke skincare, we’ll formulate your Liquid Light to best complement your daily routine. If you are new to our products, it’d start with a standard formula.


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Available until 31 Dec 2023 



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