Full Spectrum Skin Healing

High Octave Healing Transmission

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Product Description

Full Spectrum Healing is spiritual healing. Although Spirit is our core, it is intricately connected with our physicality/body.

Skin reflects what goes on within. As with most persistent physical conditions, skin dis-orders are effects of accumulated imbalances within us. To heal a skin condition is to heal from its root cause beyond the physical  – the causal reason to why our physicality (skin condition) shows up a particular way.

Full Spectrum Healing is for you if…

  • You’ve been struggling with your skin – blemishes/acne, dermatitis/eczema or sensitivity for a very long time
  • You skin has reacted negatively to almost every product you’ve tried
  • You have tried everything from medication, skincare, diet, with limited improvements
  • Your skin affects not just your confidence, but holds you back from social engagements and daily activities
  • You’re on the defense, treating when/as issues appear but cannot effectively stop them from occurring
  • You know your skin is impacted by your emotions and stress levels, but cannot help how you feel

You have exhausted external solutions, yet you know there has to be a way. What if the answer has always been within?

What is Full Spectrum Skin Healing?

Full Spectrum Healing is transmissions of pure, powerful energetic frequencies from the One Source.

Such High Octave energies set changes from the higher subtle, invisible layers to the denser material levels, resulting in significant improvements to complete resolution of persistent skin issues, usually accompanied with elevated overall well-being.

How can Full Spectrum Healing help you?

Full Spectrum Skin Healing is a journey into yourself. It reveals a deeper insight of what is happening beyond the skin/body biology, and can also show

  • Why you experience these chronic skin conditions
  • What your skin is trying to tell you through these chronic conditions
  • The root cause of your skin condition, and how to heal it from the deeper level
  • Related issues from the same root cause, that may show up as something else in your life
  • How to detect your mental and emotional patterns/blockages, so they do not continue contributing to physical conditions/ dis-ease
  • Being more in tune with your own body, emotions and thought habits
  • Becoming aware of your subconscious beliefs that directly impacts your physical body
  • How to access peace and sense of well-being, no matter what your skin/body presents
  • Superlative transformation of your skin in quality and resilience, as a result of inside-out, spiritual to physical healing

Full resolution of chronic skin issues is possible, with your commitment to your own healing, and 100% compatible skincare,

Every session is unique to you and what you need most at the time of session. The extent of healing depends on what you can receive and assimilate from each transmission.

What happens in a Full Spectrum Skin Healing session?

In every session, Ee Ting guides you to connect with the Highest aspect of yourself. This Highest aspect, sometimes referred to as Spirit/Soul, is your eternal, core nature. It holds all Truth and Wisdom about you.

Information relevant and useful for your healing at the time of transmission is retrieved and revealed. All essential impressions received by Ee Ting will be translated for you.

Healing is energetically transmitted from Source. You may experience physical/emotional sensations, colours, images, symbols, sounds or an awareness of what was previously unknown to you.

At the end of the session, a simple daily practice will be designed for you, specific to what came through your transmission. As with your skincare routine, consistency is key in transformation.

This simple daily practice assimilates the healing frequencies that was channelled, raising your normalised frequency/state, steadily condensing these subtle High Octave frequency transmissions into visible, tangible improvements through your energetic field into your body.

This 60 minute session is with Ee Ting. Healing is inner work. Video is off to minimise external stimulation for deep journeying within.

Available as Live or Distant (recorded) sessions. These quantum transmissions not limited by space nor time. They have the same intensity and effect whether your session is Live or Distant.

How to book A Full Spectrum Skin Healing session

  1. Choose from Live or Distant session.
  2. Checkout to complete purchase.
  3. Download & complete short questionnaire.
  4. Email your answers before your session.

Focus is power. We work on one condition per session.



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