Cosmic Liquid Light

Crystalline Liquid Essence 100ml

$111.00 (AUD)

Product Description

Restore and reactivate skin Intelligence. Auto-regeneration from the inside out.

What’s Light got to do with Skin?

Visible light is a narrow range within the entire Light/Electromagnetic Spectrum. Light makes up our entire electromagnetic field surrounding everything, every being including Earth herself, all the time.

From the start of all manifested reality (or The Big Bang), Light has been and continues to be the carrier of all Intelligence and code. Our DNA is code for our bodies. Light carries Intelligence as code – streaming from Source, gradually materialising as our physical reality.

Light is thus, the ultimate carrier of Divine Intelligence, orchestrating what our body and skin have been designed to be and do. This Light is integrated into Comic Liquid Light via High Octave Cosmic Technology, reactivating skin’s innate Intelligence.

High Octave Cosmic Technology is a Source channelled, living, evolving Technology. As such, the regenerative properties of your Cosmic Liquid Light strengthens progressively.

What Is Cosmic Liquid Light & How do I Use It?

Cosmic Liquid Light is bespoke a liquid crystalline essence formulated, made, attuned to and for your unique etheric blueprint – the master template for your physical body, by Ee Ting,

Refreshing water texture, without heaviness or stickiness; free from alcohol, surfactants/emulsifiers, thickeners, artificial colorants and fragrance.

Use after cleansing, in place of or in addition to your advanced face moisturiser (The Brilliant, The Makeover, The Steady).

What Does It Do?

  • Reactivate your skin’s unique innate Intelligence.
  • Calibrates your skin to its optimal state and functions, including repair and regeneration.
  • Primely resolves your most current and crucial skin needs.

Its potency progresses with the continual evolution of High Octave Cosmic Technology.

How Can I Purchase Cosmic Liquid Light?

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  2. At the last question in The Face Skin Test (Q 8.4), indicate your interest for Cosmic Liquid Light. You will get notified when your recommendation is ready.
  3. Revisit your account, and purchase directly from our recommendations.


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