Cosmic Liquid Light

Advanced Skin Essence 100ml

$111.00 (AUD)

Product Description

The future of skincare is here. Are you ready to transcend all your beliefs about your skin?

At their hearts, science and spirituality are one.

Our skin holds innate perfect intelligence, and can be restored to its original wholeness with the right conditions. All is possible in quantum creation.

Liquid Light Technology

Light precedes particle, matter and all measurable parameters. It is the invisible wave, carrier of all code and information, from Source into our physical reality.

Cosmic Light is thus, the ultimate transmitter of Intelligence. It is this Light of unlimited potential that is encoded into Cosmic Liquid Light, via our Light Technology.

What Is Cosmic Liquid Light?

Cosmic Liquid Light is a skin essence with advanced formulation encoded with Cosmic Light, giving superlative skin rejuvenation at every level.

  • Bespoke liquid concentrate, formulated and created specifically for your skin.
  • Used in place of or in addition to your advanced face moisturiser (The Brilliant, The Makeover, The Steady).
  • Rejuvenates skin in health and appearance, addressing multiple concerns in all levels.

How Can I Purchase Cosmic Liquid Light?

  1. Complete Your Skin Test (Face).
  2. At the last question in The Face Skin Test (Q 8.4), indicate your interest for Cosmic Liquid Light. You will get notified when your recommendation is ready.
  3. Revisit your account, and purchase directly from our recommendations.


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