Cosmic Liquid Light

Light Technology Concentrate 100ml

$88.80 (USD)

Product Description

The future of skincare is here and now. Are you ready to transcend all your perceptions and beliefs about your skin?

At their hearts, Science and Spirituality are one. We are not victims of our DNA nor the environment – skin can be programmed for optimal health and regeneration.

All is possible at the level of Quantum creation.

Cosmic Powered Light Technology

Light precedes particle, matter and all quantifiable parameters. It is the invisible wave, carrier of code and information, eventually translating into the fabric of our reality.

Cosmic Light is then, the ultimate transmitter of Source Intelligence.

Our Light Technology merges advanced formulation with the Cosmic Light, imprinted with Creator Consciousness for superlative skin rejuvenation and transformation.

What Is Cosmic Liquid Light?

  • Bespoke formula in liquid concentrate, created specifically for your skin
  • Used in place of or in addition to your advanced face moisturiser (The Brilliant, The Makeover, The Steady)
  • Address any skin concerns including acne, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation and all signs of ageing

How Can I Purchase Cosmic Liquid Light?

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  3. Revisit your account, and purchase directly from our recommendations.


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