Cosmic Liquid Light

Crystalline Liquid Essence 100ml

$111.00 (AUD)

Product Description

Liquid crystalline essence reactivating innate skin Intelligence, restoring optimal skin health. Exceptional for all skins.

What’s Light got to do with Skin?

Visible light is a narrow range within the entire Light/Electromagnetic Spectrum. Light makes up our entire Electromagnetic field surrounding everything, all all times.

From the start of all manifested reality (The Big Bang), Light has been and continues to be the carrier of all Intelligence and code. Our DNA is code for our bodies. Light is the carrier this code of Intelligence, which radiates from Source, orchestrating our entire body’s cellular functions and signals.

This is the Light integrated into Comic Liquid Light via High Octave Cosmic Technology, which reactivates skin’s innate Intelligence to restore optimal skin health and appearance.

What Is In Cosmic Liquid Light?

Cosmic Liquid Light is a creation of advanced formulation with select ingredients of the finest purity, attuned to Source frequency by Ee Ting using High Octave Technology.

It contains

  • Wild-harvested, premium rare Royal Green Hojari Frankincense Boswellia sacra**, used since antiquity as sacred Medicine
  • Crystalline water attuned to Source resonance
  • Lightcodes of Divine Intelligence directing cellular signals and functions of the skin/physical body

Formulated without

  • Alcohol
  • Butters, oils, waxes
  • Surfactants, emulsifiers
  • Thickeners
  • Artificial colorants and fragrance

Refreshing liquid texture, without heaviness or stickiness.

What Does Cosmic Liquid Light Do?

  • Calibrates and rebalances your skin’s optimal state and functions
  • Imparts supreme luminosity, smoothness and calmness
  • Boosts skin recovery, repair and regeneration

High Octave Cosmic Technology is a Source-channelled, living Technology. As such, the regenerative properties of your Cosmic Liquid Light strengthens progressively.

How do I Use Cosmic Liquid Light?

Cosmic Liquid Light is used immediately after cleansing, before or in place of your advanced face moisturiser (The Brilliant, The Makeover, The Steady).

**If you have extreme essential oil sensitivity, please indicate during checkout.


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