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We want to help you understand your skin, so that you know what’s going on with it, what to put on it, and how to care for it. Sciency stuff that answers so many of your skin questions, written in a clear and simple way. Penned by our founder, Ee Ting Ng.

The Making of A Lip Balm

24 February, 2018

The Making of A Lip Balm

The skin on our lips is different from the rest of our face.

If you are chronically chapped, you will know that not all lip balms are made equal, although they might all look or feel similar.

Good vs Great

A great lip balm provides more than temporary relief. It will

  1. Form a protective barrier

    Shields against the environmental elements

  2. Condition lips

    Eliminates cracks/flakiness/dryness

  3. Attract water

    Directly increases lip's moisture levels

  4. Be free of potential skin irritants

    Avoid common irritants as lips are particularly thin and thus extra vulnerable

What to look out for

Since balms are purely made out of oils, a great lip balm will contain a variety of oils to achieve everything discussed above.

  • Barrier-forming occlusives

    Waxy/heavy emollients - beeswax and its derivatives

  • Nourishing and softening oils

    Rich but fluid oils (at room temperature) - castor, jojoba, coconut oil

  • Dual-purpose emollients

    Also act as humectants to increase water content - lanolin and its derivatives

Additionally, it is also free of

  • Fragrances and flavours

    Natural essential oils - mint (peppermint, spearmint), eucalyptus, cinnamon, grapefruit, orange, lemon oils
    Synthetic fragrances or flavours

  • Cooling agents

    Gives a cooling sensation - menthol, camphor, phenol

The Exceptional Balm

The best lip balm is precisely formulated to include and exclude particular materials.

If you don't feel like sieving through ingredient list after list, look no further than The Lipguard. With an intelligent fusion of oils, it is everything an exceptional balm should be.