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We want to help you understand your skin, so that you know what’s going on with it, what to put on it, and how to care for it. Sciency stuff that answers so many of your skin questions, written in a clear and simple way. Penned by our founder, Ee Ting Ng.

How to Live Foundation-Free

18 April, 2019

How to Live Foundation-Free

I love a good foundation. In the wonderfully vast world of makeup, there is nothing like the transformative power of a pristine complexion. However, when my skin was at its worst, this love for foundation become a dependency. Much more than the way I wanted my skin to look, I had a desperate need to hide the true state of my skin.

If you feel the same way, or perhaps are currently trapped in the bad skin-foundation cycle literally afraid to be caught without foundation, this is for you.

Now, I know that you know the ultimate solution is to improve your skin, which includes not wearing foundation so often. However, we do not always do what we know to be correct because our emotions get the better of us. The 3 giant pimples just came up overnight and I must look presentable today. But they’ve never seen me without makeup before, they will FREAK OUT at how bad my skin is!

So, weaning off foundation dependency begins with a shift in perception.

1. People focus on themselves

Sometimes people can be cruel. We have all judged outwardly, saying mean or harsh things. But if you think about it, this attention on others is short-lived and we quickly go back to thinking about ourselves - how we look, how we think others perceive us, what we should do etc.

My point is that people are mostly focused on themselves, just as you are mostly focused on you. How you look is not going to change the way they already see you. At least, not those who matter.

2. Small first steps

Since we’ve established that other people are not really looking or thinking about you, be bold and take the first step of going foundation-free.

You don’t have to jump in bare-faced on a full work day packed with presentations (although you absolutely can!). Start with your weekend grocery errand, or that Spin class after work on Tuesdays. Through these short stints of wearing your ‘true’ face, you will experience firsthand that it is really okay for you to be in front of people without makeup.

3. Spot conceal

When you feel more comfortable with showing your less-than-perfect skin (who has perfect skin?), it’s time to make an adjustment to your daily makeup routine.

Most, or in fact all of us, do not need complete coverage of our whole face. Strategic spot concealing on certain areas or even just on blemishes alone will make a significant difference. Find a concealer of the right shade and formula (blendable and high coverage) and blend the edges well so that it appears seamless with your skin.

Start with concealing the bigger spots, then take a step back to assess the overall uniformity of your skin before using more. Remember, there is no need for your face be a piece of spotless canvas. That is highly unnatural and hardly believable.

4. Good Skin Care

With reduced frequency of application of foundation, your skin will already show substantial improvement. However, we simply must address your skin situation to extract the root of this dependency.

Good skin care is not about using a lot of products, or high amounts of actives, or a lot of products with high amounts of actives. It is about using the right products for you. Product compatibility involves more than actives alone. It requires the right mix of active and functional ingredients.

Functional ingredients literally form the base of any product, and are usually overlooked because they are not that interesting. However, they are crucial to the product's success as incompatible functionals are often responsible for inflicting congestion and irritation. This is why many products still cause breakouts despite having anti-blemish actives in them.

As every skin is unique, the only way to achieve 100% product compatibility is by complete custom formulation of your entire regime. Precise combination of the right actives and functionals means you can finally achieve and maintain clear skin. Farewell foundation forever!

Foundation is great as a product to enjoy, but not something you should fear being without. I hope these simple tips will help you make your first move towards a form of liberation, and be okay with wearing your skin just as it is.