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We want to help you understand your skin, so that you know what’s going on with it, what to put on it, and how to care for it. Sciency stuff that answers so many of your skin questions, written in a clear and simple way. Penned by our founder, Ee Ting Ng.

Glycoin® natural - Efficacy studies

3 August, 2018

Glycoin® natural - Efficacy studies

We've learnt all about the benefits and origins of the novel active Glycoin®. Today let's dig a little deeper.

How do we know if it really works? Every stipulated claim of Glycoin® is backed up by carefully designed studies. These studies were performed either on human volunteers (in vivo), cultured human skin tissues(in vitro) or first on volunteers then removing a small portion of their skin for further testing before evaluation (ex vivo). Here we will highlight some results from the series of efficacy studies done on Glycoin®.

Anti-ageing & Skin Rejuvenation

Background: Adult skin thins significantly with age. This is attributed to loss of both epidermal (outer) and dermal (collagen/elastin) mass.

Aim of study: Measure any increase of skin thickness/density with Glycoin®.

Test conditions: In vivo; 28 days; placebo controlled, blind, randomised on mature volunteers.

Results: 100% of test subjects had significant increase in skin thickness. Glycoin® improves skin density of mature skin by up to 9.9%.

Background: Skin's intrinsic ability to produce protective antioxidants decreases with age. SOD1 is an important antioxidant produced in the human body, protecting skin from free radical damage/ageing.

Aim of study: Measure increase in antioxidant production with Glycoin®.

Test conditions: In vitro; 6 days; human epidermal skin cell culture

Results: 280% of increase of antioxidant SOD1 production in ageing skin cells. Glycoin® boosts skin's natural antioxidant capacity.

Energising and Metabolism-boosting

Background: Skin displays a clear reduction of metabolic (functional) activity and vitality with age. Cell vitality can be measured by the comsumption of glucose - the more active the cells, the more glucose is needed for their metabolic functions/activities.

Aim of study: Measure increase in cell vitality with Glycoin®.

Test conditions: In vitro; 6 days; human epidermal skin cell culture

Results: Glycoin® increases vitality and metabolic activity of ageing cells by 170%.

Background: Skin is made up of many proliferating (growing) cells, thus requiring high amounts of energy. Cells use energy in the form of ATP for all cellular activities to thrive, regenerate and renew itself. Aged skin typically produces less ATP.

Aim of study: Measure increase in ATP production with Glycoin®.

Test conditions: In vivo; 8 hour post application of Glycoin® human epidermal skin cell culture

Results: Glycoin® significantly increased amount of ATP in cultured aged skin cells. Glycoin® was able to stimulate ATP production in aged cells when the gold standard for ATP stimulation, glucose, was unable to.

Repair and healing

Background: Tissue repair and wound healing is important in keeping infection at bay and maintaining a healthy barrier function. A crucial part of the healing process involves activating different cell types and growth factors to facilitate the growth of new skin tissue in the epidermis and dermis layers.

Aim of study: Measure regrowth of skin following a mechanical wound with Glycoin®.

Test conditions: Ex vivo; 48 hours; volunteer skin cells followed by further evaluation; placebo controlled

Results: Following a mechanical wound, tissue healing of epidermal and dermal layers and increased growth factors were evident after treatment with Glycoin®.

Immediate and lasting hydration

Background: Having an adequate supply of water content is paramount to skin function and appearance. Ingredients competent in moisture retention are typically humectants of high molecular weights.

Aim of study: Compare water retention ability of Glycoin®, a small molecule, with that of humectants of high molecular weight like hyaluronic acid (HA) and cellulose-derivatives (e.g. HEC).

Test conditions: In vitro; 180 hours; measure of water-holding capacity on absorptive filter paper

Results: Glycoin® shows a nearly identical water retention capacity as high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Due to Glycoin®'s smaller size, it has no tacky/sticky feeling that the high molecular weight humectants impart.

Aim of study: Measure if the increase of skin water levels after one application of Glycoin® is sustained after initial application

Test conditions: In vivo; 8 hours; placebo controlled, blind

Results: 100% of test subjects experienced significant moisturisation 8 hours after single application. Glycoin® increased skin moisture levels by 24% 8 hours after one application.

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