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We want to help you understand your skin, so that you know what’s going on with it, what to put on it, and how to care for it. Sciency stuff that answers so many of your skin questions, written in a clear and simple way. Penned by our founder, Ee Ting Ng.

Glycoin® natural - A novel active

1 August, 2018

Glycoin® natural - A novel active

Despite the sheer number of new cosmetic raw materials that enter the market, genuine breakthroughs are few and far in between. However, once in a blue moon, an exceptional innovation comes along.

Boosting a multitude of skin benefits, German-bioengineered from 100% natural origins and comprehensively studied with excellent skin safety profile; introducing a novel active, Glycoin® natural.

Glycoin® is remarkable in many ways. Let’s start with an overall view of what it does.

Anti-age & rejuvenates

  • Lift, tighten, reduce fine lines
  • Encourage collagen production
  • Increase skin thickness, firmness and elasticity
  • Stimulate skin's own defence against damaging free radicals

Energises & reboots

  • Increase metabolism of tired, sluggish skin
  • Boost cellular functions and cell renewal

Repairs & restores

  • Promotes tissue repair
  • Stimulates growth factors
  • Reduces skin redness and irritation from sun-burn
  • Boost tissue repair and cell renewal

Immediate & lasting hydration

  • Increased skin water levels from first application
  • Sustained day-long increase in moisture levels

As you can see, it is an impressive, multi-functional active which can benefit most people, especially those looking for serious anti-ageing.

Next up, we’ll be sharing what exactly Glycoin® is and where does it come from, so check back real soon!