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The balancing act - A chat with The Happy People Co. founder

18 August, 2018

The balancing act - A chat with The Happy People Co. founder

Charlotte Grigg founder of The Happy People Co turned to yoga while working in the fast-paced world of global fashion. She thought yoga would be a great work out and fitness activity – it ended up being more than that. It was the mindful, stress reducing, meditative approach that connected her to a new passion.

The Happy People Co brand is a symbol and celebration of the greater joys of life – love and freedom. What was the trigger in your life that led to you want to start inspiring others to live their lives a better way?

I worked in a very stressful fast paced environment - I reached a point that I knew I couldn’t sustain the lifestyle I was in both in work life and personal life - it just wasn’t healthy. Based on that my intuition was telling me I needed to stop and fly to Europe, so I did that for six months. When I left my job, I had a lot of friends saying how much courage I had to leave, but it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. It was the best choice / decision I ever made and it was super easy. I wanted to be happy again and I was in control of my destiny. Without realising I inspired other friends to do the same and I now have a lot of friends who have left the corporate fast based life to live a more mindful happiness inspired life.

Your brand story advocates for self-expression through fashion and you have now brought this into active wear. Can you tell us more about what inspires your designs?

It comes down to basics - the experience and feeling you get when you’re wearing our clothes. We want our customers to feel comfortable and happy when wearing our designs. Our silhouettes are for all body shapes and our prints are colourful and bold to make you feel happy and bright. We use natural, breathable fibres so you always feel fresh. We also love the outdoors - I’m a summer person so the beach life is always an inspiration for the brand. If I’m near water I’m happy and calm.

I’m sure there are a lot of readers trying to discover the secrets to living a more stress-free and fulfilling life. Can you share some of your secrets?

Listen to your gut and follow your intuition. You know deep down when something is right or isn’t right so act on that.

Be active, spend time with family and friends, indulge yourself when you feel like you need it. I’m generally an active person and like to keep fit and healthy but I’m not 100% ‘disciplined’ with myself, so if I feel like having an ice-cream I will or a massage. I don’t go overboard but you have to love and spoil yourself too - its a balance. Happiness is a choice and you are in the driving seat.

What does your daily routine look like?

My days are really varied, some days I get a lot done for work and other days I don’t know where the time has gone and I feel like I’ve achieved nothing.. As a mum and having a business I don’t put the pressure on myself to achieve 100% everyday because that’s not realistic. My main priority is making sure our son is happy and I’m present for him and I work when he is in child care.

6-7am: wake up with our 18month old son - he’s full on beans so mornings for me are family time. My partner and I are lucky we have our own businesses so we spend mornings together until 9ish.

9.30am: Drop William off at child care

10am: Exercise or head to work (depends on the day)

1pm: Lunch with a friend or meeting

4pm: walk the dog

4.45pm: pick up William

5pm: Dinner time for William growing boy so my goodness if I don’t have dinner ready for when he gets home he cracks it

7pm: William's asleep and I can have dinner and become a couch potato for the night or I do the washing depends how I feel ;)

10pm: exhausted and sleep

hop & cotton shares a very similar ethos in promoting all-rounded wellness, empowering people to be confident in themselves. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our community to motivate them to pursue this way of life?

Make your decisions based on what makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be big choices it can be little ones like have piece of chocolate or hug a tree, call a friend, take the day off, do something that makes you happy.

You are in control of your happiness - you can choose which route you want to take. It’s your choice to make the first move.