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All hop & cotton products are proudly cruelty free and made in Australia.
They are free from sulphates, parabens and artificial colours.
We recommend fragrance-free products.
Our face products are listed according to function. They will be formulated specially for you.

hop & cotton's face care routine is simple but complete:
Morning: Cleanse, Moisturise
Night: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise
Our body products are listed according to function. They will be formulated specially for you.

  • The Lipguard

    The Lipguard

    Lipbalm 5ml

    $18.00 (AUD)


    Versatile, multi-purpose balm with a melting texture.

    Exceptional for severely dry lips. Also excellent on cuticles and stubborn dry patches anywhere else on the body.


    Intelligent fusion of pure natural butters and skin-mimicking oils.

    • Lanolin *
    • Mango butter
    • Coconut oil
    • Beeswax

    * Highly skin compatible with both emollient and humectant properties. We use medical grade lanolin of highest purity.

    Direction for use

    Apply as often as needed. For best results, apply a generous layer every night before bed.


    Customer Reviews

    "LIFESAVER! I developed very dry, cracked and sensitive lips and tried EVERY type of balm. I even went to the doctor. One week of using the lipguard and problem solved! I love this product and will be buying it forever. - Laura" - Anonymous
    "The reason I stick to h&c  lipguard is that its effect lasts. I've used it in Iceland and it worked perfectly well. - KM" - Anonymous
    "I used to suffer from extremely bad lip cheilitis as I was (unknowingly) allergic to one of the ingredients in a previous lip balm I was using. The skin on my lips was parched and also constantly peeled off in huge flakes revealing even drier lips below and/or blood. I was painfully embarrassed about my lip situation and using the lipguard really cured me. Trust me when I say this is a miracle product and the best balm that I have ever applied on my lips, cuticles or just random dry spots. It sinks in wonderfully and leaves no oily residue. - EH" - Anonymous
    "I really really really love this hop & cotton product – it is truly my all-time favourite lip balm! I love how the lipguard makes use of entirely natural ingredients, especially since I apply lip balm to my dry lips almost every hour every day! I also love the fact that it moisturises my dry lips but at the same time does not leave behind any oily residual after-taste on my lips. I would definitely recommend this product and have actually been recommending it to my friends! Don’t think I can go back to using any of my previous lip balms having used the Lipguard. - Charlene S" - Anonymous

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