Anita Scuderi
My skin was always flawless though my teen years, once I hit my early 20s my skin changed dramatically, I suffered with acne and blemishes for the past 8 years.

I began my skin care journey with hop & cotton two months ago, I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that the next eight weeks would change my life. Yes, it might sound like the biggest cliche, but it's the honest truth and you will see this from my photos. I feel 'normal' again. I hardly even have to wear much make up, my daily routine consists of minimal concealer to cover a few scars and a light mineral powder. That's it! My main goal throughout this journey was to clear up acne and those red spots that were all over my cheeks (have a look at my first photo) and that has now been accomplished.

Would I continue using hop & cotton? Absolutely. Yes, it is a financial commitment, but seeing how successful my journey has been so far, I wouldn't risk the results by using any other brand as my hop & cotton products have been personally prescribed for my skin, which is what I've been searching for all this time. Thank you hop & cotton!