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hop & cotton specialises in
customised skin care.

Every ingredient is carefully selected for its proven benefits; every product is expertly formulated especially for you.
All our products are suitable for sensitive skins. Skin irritants are unreservedly omitted.

Cruelty-free. Made in Australia.

Your best skin starts here. Don't compromise, customise.

Our Story

Ee Ting - Founder and creator of hop & cotton

Ee Ting is the founder and principal formulator of hop & cotton.
She is an experienced cosmetic chemist and molecular biologist.

hop & cotton was born out of my personal struggle. For a long time, I battled extremely sensitive and reactive skin. It made me uncomfortably self-conscious and deprived of self-confidence.

The never-ending search

Thus I was on a permanent quest for the "perfect" products, trying on every and any product that promised to help. Despite being repeatedly let down, I persisted.

It took more than 10 years for the realisation that conventional, off-the-shelf products could never be completely compatible with me. There was always something that my skin did not agree with, or a reason why I did not like it. After all, it wasn't like I could get a product that was specially created for me. Or could I?

100% suitable

The only way to have products completely suit my difficult skin was for me to formulate them. That started my serious endeavour into cosmetic science. Today, I have my perfectly customised products and have finally stopped searching.

It is my sincerest hope to help you end your search and love the skin you are in.

hop & cotton

Ee Ting - Founder and creator of hop & cotton

We do not sell ready-made products. We first establish a thorough understanding of your skin and preferences, before proceeding to formulate and manufacture the most suitable products for you.

  1. Step One: The Skin Test Start by registering an account with us. Take The Skin Test - the more details you include, the more information we will have to formulate the most suitable products for you.
  2. Step Two: Order Completion You can now add the products you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and complete payment to confirm your order.
  3. Step Three: Formulation We will go through the information you provide to us in your Skin Test thoroughly. We will check that your purchase is suitable for you. If not, we will contact you to recommend a more suitable alternative. We might contact you if we require more information on your skin.
  4. Step Four: Review and Confirmation We will formulate your products based on the information you provided in your Skin Test. Upon completion of formulation, we will contact you to confirm some details and to provide you with the list of ingredients we will use in your customised products. Please review and confirm that the ingredients are suitable for you.
  5. Step Five: Manufacturing After obtaining your confirmation, we will start manufacturing your products!
  6. Step Six: Delivery Once your hop & cotton products are ready, they will be sent to you. The time taken between your purchase and our despatch within 5 business days.

The 6-step process only applies to an order of a new product that requires formulation work.

For repeat orders of an identical product that has already been previously formulated for you, only steps 2 and 6 of the process are involved. The time taken between purchase and despatch will be reduced to 3 business days.

We'll check in after you have had the chance to use your products to make sure everything is all right.